What is ICER and Why Does It Matter? | By: Terry Wilcox

Jul 20, 2016

By: Terry Wilcox, Executive Director, Patients Rising

What is ICER and why does it matter? I received this exact question from a patient recently. After all, the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review – aka ICER –  is not a real regulatory body in the true sense.  So, what is all the fuss? They can put out their reports, but who is really going to listen?

Definitely your insurance company. Likely your government, in the form of Medicare and Medicaid.

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Allowing ICER Into Medicare Does Not Achieve Value | By: Donna Cryer

Jul 15, 2016

By: Donna Cryer (Global Liver Institute) | Morning Consult

As the foundation of the healthcare policy landscape undergoes a tectonic shift that promises to reward “value” in care rather than “volume” of services, stakeholders of all types have cautiously applauded these changes as needed reforms. Yet, when patients see these principles applied – as is the case with a recent Medicare Part B Drug Payment Model – we can’t help but ask: “value to whom?”

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CEPAC Public Comments for Obeticholic Acid | By: Donna Cryer, JD

Jul 15, 2016

By: Donna Cryer, JD; President & CEO | Global Liver Institute

Good morning. Forgive me for speaking so quickly as I am mindful of the five minute time limit.

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CEPAC Public Comments for Obeticholic Acid | By: Terry Wilcox

Jul 15, 2016

By: Terry Wilcox, Executive Director | Patients Rising

Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today.

Patients Rising is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization with funding by public donations, media companies and the pharmaceutical industry. However, we have received no funding from the company whose drug is being reviewed here today, and therefore no conflict.

We are here because the patient interest is here … in this room. And so the patient voice must be heard … in this room.

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An Interview With Donna Cryer, Global Liver Institute, On Assessing the Value of Treatments for Liver Disease | By: Dan Leonard

Jul 13, 2016

By: Dan Leonard | National Pharmaceutical Council

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Global Liver Institute and Other Advocacy Organizations Public Comments to ICER on OCA

Jun 13, 2016

Dear Dr. Pearson,

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Patients Rising Public Comments to ICER on OCA | By: Terry Wilcox

Jun 9, 2016

Patients Rising is a Washington, DC-based non-profit organization with a very specific mission: we fight for access to vital therapies and services for all patients with life-threatening and chronic diseases.  That is why Patients Rising is committed to speaking for patients as part of a balanced dialogue with providers, payers, policymakers and the advocacy community to address the complement of cost and access challenges Americans with serious diseases face today.

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